Cue the music...."what the world needs now is love sweet love"...Mr Bacharach ya crooner

Anybody who has run Lynn reserve will understand this music and know haha

The 100kms challenge is over for this year and man it was interesting. It had wild weather swinging like a pendulum from a heat wave into two and bit days of solid heavy rain. In the mix we had Christmas and New Years and as previously mentioned the festivities that go alone with a typical Christmas NY holiday.

19th December 2015 - The first day of the 100kms challenge - to be completed before 11:59pm 5th Jan

So like many of my fellow kiwi folk I am on holiday the two weeks around Christmas and New years. This time of year is always jam packed with festivenessness...bbq's beers beach action summer loving fun. 
Now with all the festiveness it's sometimes hard to put the mileage in and lets be honest who cares, you're on holiday, enjoy, eat drink be merry. Up to about 3 years ago I would generally gain about 3-5kgs over the holiday period (I know a lot right!!) with all the food and booze, not to mention Christmas day is so overwhelming you just eat and eat and eat. And the majority of it is Chocolate hehe I luuurve Christmas. 

Have you ever stopped for a coffee in Geraldine?  It’s a lovely little up and coming country town that is the gateway to Mt Cook (and my wife went to high school there, coincidentally), so we stopped for a coffee to admire the airtexs' and moleskins' walking by and my wife puts on her best South Canterbury s Cow Cocky  voice that she thinks is funny.   That's when I saw a jar full of sugars, and natural alternatives to, I plucked one out that was called Stevia.  Stevia is a natural sugar substitute that's been around for thousands of years.  I thought, great, sweeten up my drink without the crazy effect on blood sugar you get from actual sugar.  Then I flipped it over and the main ingredient was not stevia, but maltodextrin! 

I'm reminded so quickly how hard hills can be if you've been off them even a short while. 

Lately I've been getting back into a bit of road running, enjoying the quicker pace and the powerade challenge has been fun seeing how much I've improved. But, getting back into the hills I've found tough and reminds me you gotta cross train. The speed on roads is fun but ultimately I'm going to get bored soon and won't go back for quite some time. Pounding pavement ain't for me I frickn love the trail too much.

Oh yeah! I'm sitting on the cold ground at Devonport domain watching a great game loving the atmosphere with so many other crazies about to run the Auckland half or full marathon. What a start to a Sunday. I love running. This day is truly one of the best. But, it wasn't all plain sailing the game had its ebb and flows just like my run. The Aussies fought back as did the heat of Auckland and the bridge gave me a lesson in inner strength.

The wide-held belief now is that you’re a runner first and foremost and that’s what matters but how can the road compare to the trail!?

Up until recently I was using the road as a means to an end, getting some k’s under the belt to maintain fitness whilst dreaming of my long trail run in the weekend. My mind has all these positive affirmations associated with the trail and so the road was dreaded. So what has changed? I realised that I needed to lose my negative headspace around the road, I needed something to make it fun!