The Icebug® Difference

Our different shoes speak a common design language and might, at a first glance, appear to be quite similar. But, under the surface the different embedded functionalities and technologies distinguish them from each other, and the line covers the various preferences one might have regardless of being an elite athlete racing for the top or a trail beginner exploring what lurks beyond the safe asphalt haven. These features decide, to a large extent, for whom and for what the shoe is made for.


Torsion (T)

Less torsion in the shoe (easy flex) means that the foot has less support and has to work more on its own. The natural movement builds strength but is also demanding. More torsion (medium flex or stability flex) offer more support which is an advantage for feet that do not have sufficient strength or during long sessions when feet get tired.

Drop (D)

Drop is how much the heel is elevated relative to the forefoot. Standing barefoot on the floor is zero drop. More drop is perceived as more comfortable. Less drop is more like the natural position of the foot, but it also puts more strain on the muscles and tendons of the foot, particularly the Achilles. We recommend getting used to a lower drop gradually, and according to your body's capacity.

Cushioning (C)

Cushioning is the capacity of the sole to absorb shock. Less cushioning (responsive) means better contact with the ground, but also demands more from the running technique and the biomechanical capacity of the foot to absorb shock. More cushioning (medium or full) provides more comfort and is a help in the shock absorption.

Last (L)

What last width that is best to use is of course mostly related to the width of the foot. Apart from that, our narrow lasts are racing oriented, best suited for running fast. The medium and wide last are generally better suited for slower work and longer distances. Regardless of width, our lasts are anatomically shaped.

Size Guide

Size Guide


Shoes with outstanding traction

Rubber 9 Extreme is our latest rubber compound development, and it sets a new standard in providing traction. Lab tests (SATRA) show that RB9X® outgrips the competition, but still matches the durability of an asphalt running shoe. In real action that means upgraded traction reliability in wet and slippery conditions: On rocks, tree roots, etc. With our patented studded technologies we’ve made it possible to run on ice, now we’re the traction leaders for rubber soles as well!

Anima3 L RB9X standing reflection