Two Size Service

Concerned about buying online only to get the wrong size or the shoe isn’t the right shape for your foot? With our Kiwi-as 'Two Size' service we take the hassle out of ordering online.

We offer this service right across our Icebug range and guess what, no extra charge! We’ll send you the two pairs (unboxed) in a standard courier bag along with a prepaid courier bag for the pair you want to return. You get to select the fallback size you want. Note: Icebug in the majority of cases are true to size but we recommend going half a size up for your fallback.

Once decided which pair is for you simply call NZ couriers on 0800 800 841 to arrange a pick up or from your home or work address. If the second pair is not returned we reserve the right to charge your credit card for the second pair if not returned within 8 working days of receiving them. If you require an extension please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If neither size fits or you’re not completely satisfied with the shape of the shoe on your foot then courier back both sizes in the return bag and we can arrange one new size at no extra charge ($5 shipping fee will apply for two sizes) or a full refund.

On occasion we may not have available a second size in stock but we will make every endeavour to obtain the fallback size from our supplier but this will take up to 5-10 working days. As soon as it’s received we will send this out. If this isn’t an option then we will send out one size and if it doesn’t fit you can return via our Return Policy.